Théo Mercier presents Big Sisters @Actoral Marseille

Following Affordable Solution for Better Living, Steven Michel and Théo Mercier continue to explore biopower with BIG SISTERS. The piece is conceived and designed for four dancers aged 23 to 65, including Laura Belgrano, Lili Buvat, Marie de Corte and Mimi Wascher. Envisioned like an experimental film and inspired by “Les Guérillères” of the feminist author and lesbian activist Monique Wittig, BIG SISTERS is a performance act unfolding like a filmic and kaleidoscopic take on women and their representations, juxtaposing fragments of self-portraits, staged portraits, science fiction and historical reenactments. By turns ghosts, spaceships, missiles and planets, the bodies of the four sisters are time-travel capsules. Through those political and poetic bodies engaged in a thousand-year-old liberation war, BIG SISTERS attempts to shed light on the complex choreography of gazes, fantasies and projections at play in the dramatizing of female bodies.

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