Yoshua Okón

Yoshua Okón @Kunstraum Kreuzberg

Descubre la instalación DEMO del estudio Yoshua Okón realizada en colaboración con Juan David Obando en la exposición ” this is perfect, perfect, perfect” del Kunstraum Kreuzberg por Transmediale La obra explora los mecanismos del sistema democrático, que se apoya en gran medida en prácticas como el Astrosurfing. Consiste en gestionar manifestaciones públicas que son […]

mor charpentier @Artissima

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s Artissima Fair opening on November 4th. For Artissima 2022, mor charpentier wants to develop a second chapter on the theme of the human landscape, not as a term to describe man-made structures and practices of reshaping the land, but as research on the traces of the […]

Yoshua Okón @AMEXICA

Discover Yoshua Okón’s work ?????? ???????? as part of AMEXICA exhibition at the Servais Family Collection. The piece was created as part of an invitation to Ciudad Juárez in which artists were asked to create works based on their experience in the city during a period of extreme violence. The piece focuses on Ciudad Juárez as […]

Yoshua Okón, Teresa Margolles and Julieta Aranda @ MUAC

Discover the Works of Yoshua Okón, Teresa Margolles and Julieta Aranda in the exhibition MUAC: One Hundred Works. This is MUAC’s latest survey of the musuem’s collection, where the exhibition is not guided by a single thematic line, but by the relevance that certain pieces and creators have already acquired for our understanding of contemporary […]

Yoshua Okón en el Museo Fundación Jumex

Como parte de la serie de exposiciones que han trabajado en la exhibición de arte producido en México durante los últimos 20 años, la Fundación Museo Jumex inaugura Excepciones Normales: Arte Contemporáneo en México . Esta exposición incorporará antiguas y nuevas producciones de Yoshua Okón, incluyendo sus últimos trabajos colaborativos. Excepciones Normales: Arte Contemporáneo en […]

Rosângela Rennó, Yoshua Okón, Alexander Apóstol and Oscar Muñoz @Musée du Quai Branly

Spotlight on contemporary creation. For the first time, the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac is inviting twenty-six artists from across the world to take part in a truly contemporary exhibition focusing on different relationships to photographic and filmed images.   http://www.quaibranly.fr/en/exhibitions-and-events/at-the-museum/exhibitions/event-details/e/a-toi-appartient-le-regard-et-la-liaison-infinie-entre-les-choses-38474/

Yoshua Okón digital screening @parasite.hk

Curators Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero as part of Para Site public programme series revisiting the 2013 exhibition ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’, Para Site will also be streaming for the first time moving image artworks that had appeared in the exhibition, alongside interviews with writers, historians, as well as vignettes from films and […]

Yoshua Okon @Latin American Canadian Art Projects exhibition

EXTRACOLONIAL: Reflections for Action brings together a group of Indigenous and Latin American artists—Ulysses Castellanos, Monica Gutierrez Quintero, Yoshua Okón, and Onaman Collective—whose works examine the relationship between extractivism and colonialism as they have impacted the history of the Americas. These works propose alternate activist models to address the sustained systems of inequality seeded in […]

Yoshua Okon Talk @VTape, Toronto

  Thursday, 13 February 2020, at Vtape “Latin American Speakers” series, Yoshua Okón will discuss his work on art and his recent work. Moderated by Noor Alé.  

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