Voluspa Jarpa

Voluspa Jarpa @Centro Gabriela Mistral

Descubre la exploración de Voluspa Jarpa sobre el estallido social a partir de las violentas manifestaciones públicas ocurridas entre octubre de 2019 y marzo de 2020 en Chile a través de distintas voces y disciplinas que estudia la protesta social, sus orígenes y sus efectos en la exposición Sindemia en el Centro Gabriela Mistral. La […]

Exposición de Voluspa Jarpa en el MAMBO

En medio de los disturbios que ocurrieron en Chile desde octubre de 2019 hasta marzo de 2020, Voluspa Jarpa invitó a colaboradores a reflexionar sobre el fenómeno de la protesta y los temas de la resistencia y la rebelión. Su última exposición ???????? es el resultado de esta investigación que analiza los mecanismos de abuso […]

Voluspa Jarpa @La Térmica, Málaga

Discover Volupsa Jarpa’s research on the human zoos of the XIX and XX century as well as her recent cartographic works in the exhibition Al sur del sur (To the South of the South). The exhibition will be a part of the 2021 edition of BIENALSUR, an art biennial with outposts around the world organized by the UNTREF (Universidad de Tres […]

Voluspa Jarpa @Museum der Moderne Salzburg

The exhibition This World Is White No Longer proposes to expand outside of the westernized, white gaze that has been generalized in the last centuries and explore the potential of a shift of perspective. Voluspa Jarpa will be presenting her acclaimed film Opera Emancipatoria as part of this group show. The exhibition will open on April 24th and it will curated […]

Voluspa Jarpa @Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile

Under the curatorship of the Spanish critic Agustín Pérez Rubio, Miradas Alteradas (Altered Views) was presented at the Venice Biennale 2019, inviting reflection on racism, patriarchy, economic interests and dominance as forms of colonialism, through three concepts that are transversal to the entire show: race, class and gender. Maintaining the proposal of the Chilean pavilion, the current presentation […]

Premio Julius Baer: Voluspa Jarpa

Voluspa Jarpa is the winner in the first edition of the “Premio Julius Baer a las artistas latinoamericanas” in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá – MAMBO. The mission of the award is to highlight the work of Latin American female artists, offering a fund to produce a site specific project to be presented […]

Voluspa Jarpa @Museum Arnhem

Living, Forgiving, Remembering brings together works based on the themes of tolerance, reconciliation and forgiveness. They suggest various ways in which social and political differences might be overcome.

Voluspa Jarpa, Teresa Margolles, Rosângela Rennó @Online exhibition Artnexus

Latin America has been formed by a series of unfortunate events, which, although it seems to question and reinvent itself, falls under cyclical social and political circumstances. There is no before in the histories of Latin America’s countries that can be looked at with nostalgia, as they are countries that, since their discovery, have been […]

Voluspa Jarpa and Paz Errazuriz @Alcala 31

The exhibition “Gran Sur: arte contemporáneo chileno en la Colección Engel”, presents un important selection of works from one of the main private collections in Latin America, the Claudio Engel collection.

Voluspa Jarpa @HMKV, Dortmund

The exhibition focuses on the interaction between secret services and performance art – an art form that was considered particularly dangerous. Archives are accessible almost exclusively in Eastern Europe and reveal the “disruption” and “liquidation” of critical artists by state security services. For this, however, some of the agents had to become ‘performance artists’ themselves. […]

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