Rossella Biscotti

Rossella Biscotti @Rijksmuseum

Descubra la instalación Clara de Rossella Biscotti en la exposición Clara la Rinoceronte del Rijksmuseum. La exposición explora la historia y la importancia del rinoceronte Clara, que llegó a los Países Bajos en 1741, cuando el capitán de barco holandés Douwe Mout van der Meer trajo a Clara a Ámsterdam desde la India. La instalación […]

mor charpentier @Artissima

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s Artissima Fair opening on November 4th. For Artissima 2022, mor charpentier wants to develop a second chapter on the theme of the human landscape, not as a term to describe man-made structures and practices of reshaping the land, but as research on the traces of the […]

Nohemí Pérez and Rossella Biscotti @ Cuenca Biennale

Discover the works of Nohemí Pérez and Rossella Biscotti at this year’s Cuenca Biennale. This year’s Biennale focuses on traditional and ancestral knowledge, critical ecofeminism focused on future scenarios. Nohemís’ work ?? ??????????? is a photographic -music score mural that is activated by a soprano. This performative installation talks about violence in Colombia and the visual aids through which […]

Rossella Biscotti @ Fondazione CRC

Rosella Biscotti’s piece ???? ???? will be part of the latest Fondazione CRC exhibition ??????? ?? ???????: ?? ????? ?????????? ????? ?????????? ??? (PAINTING IN PERSON: The New Collection Of Fondazione CRC)opening next Saturday November the 6th. The exhibition will show the institution’s latest acquisitions on contemporary art. Biscotti’s piece focuses on the titan arum, the […]

Rossella Biscotti and Milena Bonilla @NEST

Is it possible to be a Revolutionary and Like Flowers? is the title of NEST’s latest exhibition and the artists included in the show answer this questions with a resounding yes. Showcasing the works of artist such as Rossella Biscotti and Milena Bonilla, the exhibition explores that the flower as a symbol can seduce, comfort, […]

Saâdane Afif y Rosella Biscotti en la Beaufort Triennale

Experience un performance de Saâdane Afif y una nueva obra de Rossella Biscotti durante la Beaufort 21 Triennale. Islas desvanecidas, buques hundidos y fósiles cuentan una historia multifacética, donde cada artista participante explorará temas contemporáneos y sociales a través de la ribera belga. Desde el 27 de mayo hasta el 7 de noviembre de 2021, […]

Obras de Rosella Biscotti y de Bouchra Khalili en el MAXXI Museum, Roma

Descubra los trabajos de Rossella Biscotti y Bouchra Khalili en la exposición A Story for the Future: MAXXI’s first Decade en el MAXXI Museum en Roma. La exposición, que se organiza alrededor de cinco temas principales, es concebida como un análisis del desarrollo de la institución en respuesta a los grandes desafíos de nuestro tiempo. […]

Bouchra Khalili, Lawrence Abu Hamadan and Rossella Bicotti @Artists for Moria

Well before the coronavirus pandemic began, the situation in Moria refugee camp was extremely critical. Now more than ever, solidarity is necessary. Artists for Moria is a fundraiser to assist the efforts of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Sixteen international artists are donating their works for this effort. […]

Rossella Biscotti@ ArtBasel Online Viewing Room

Our Rossella Biscotti solo-show at the ArtBasel Online Viewing Room is now open ! All users who register on are welcome to discover our room directly on our gallery profile page or via the dedicated Viewing Rooms page in the main navigation of the Art Basel Website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need […]

Rossella Biscotti talk @NTU Singapore

Sourcing oral histories and female accounts, delving into archives, and mapping sites associated with different forms of mining, exploitation, and confinement, Rossella Biscotti will deepen her research interest into colonial structures of power and management at the turn of the 20th century and the way in which these structures are interwoven with contemporary practices of production and distribution.

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