Marwa Arsanios

Marwa Arsanios and Lawrence Abu Hamdan at the Sharjah Architectural Triennial

Marwa Arsanios considers practices in agriculture and farming as the starting point of her research. She has investigated communal farming practices by eco-feminist groups in places such as northern Syria. This resulted in the production of two films, presented as a video installation in this year’s Sharjah Biennial 14. Arsanios’s research for the triennial expands to communities […]

Carlos Motta, Cevdet Erek and Marwa Arsanios @SF MoMa

Timely and provocative, SOFT POWER is an exhibition about the ways in which artists deploy art to explore their roles as citizens and social actors. Appropriated from the Reagan-era term used to describe how a country’s “soft” assets such as culture, political values and foreign policies can be more influential than violence or coercion, the title SOFT POWER suggests […]

Marwa Arsanios at the Homework Forum in Beirut

Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices, is a multidisciplinary forum taking place across Beirut every three years and featuring group exhibitions and artist projects and commissions, talks, panels, and readings, music, dance, and theatre performances, film and video screenings and publications.

Marwa Arsanios Performance at FIAC

In January 1963, Al Hilal magazine published an article on the establishment of a ballet school in Cairo. The school, described as a “factory of new bodies”, was to become an important institution in Nasser’s nation-state building project. Ballet was positioned to become the new dance form that would create a rupture with folkloric dances and “modernize” […]

Marwa Arsanios at Arts Catalyst

Towards Planetary commons, Maria Arsanios film “Who is Afraid of Ideology?” parts I and II will be screened on May 23 and July 6, 2019 at Arts Catalyst in London.

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