Charwei Tsai

mor charpentier @ARCO

¡Nos complace anunciar nuestra participación en la feria ARCOmadrid de este año! En esta ocasión, nuestro proyecto quiere trazar un recorrido por retratos “inmateriales” que nos hablen de la realidad, de la identidad y de cómo vemos el mundo a través de la mirada de diferentes artistas. La propuesta se divide en dos grandes bloques: […]

Charwei Tsai nominada al premio Nouveau Regard

Nos complace anunciar que Charwei Tsai ha sido nominada al premio Nouveau Regard de AWERE. Las otras tres artistas nominadas para el Premio son Laura Huertas Millán, Malala Andrialavidrazana y Basma al-Sharif. El galardón recompensa el trabajo de las mujeres artistas de la escena francesa, respondiendo a la falta de visibilidad en Francia y en […]

mor charpentier @Artissima

We are pleased to announce our participation in this year’s Artissima Fair opening on November 4th. For Artissima 2022, mor charpentier wants to develop a second chapter on the theme of the human landscape, not as a term to describe man-made structures and practices of reshaping the land, but as research on the traces of the […]

Charwei Tsai Explora Art Residency Exhibition 

As a result of her Art Explora Residency, Charwei Tsai created Under the Same Sky and Coming Together a series of textile pieces made in collaboration with the experimental school of Bulaubulau aboriginal village in Yilan, Taiwan. During the pandemic years, Tsai stayed in Taiwan and made frequent visits to her indigenous friends’ self-sustainable farm […]

Charwei Tsai @Carins Art Gallery

Charwei Tsai’s works will be included in the exhibition Ritual: The Past in the Present. The exhibition explores the many complex narratives, histories, traditions, beliefs and issues which inform art produced by contemporary artists in Australia as well Asian cultures. Ritual: The Past in the Present opens on May 15th, 2021 at the Cairns Art Gallery in Australia.

Charwei Tsai @Vernacular Institute, Mexico City

The film trilogy Songs We Carry by Charwei Tsai and Tsering Tashi Gyalthang is currently on view at the Vernacular Institute in Mexico City. The trilogy is composed by Songs of Chuchepati Camp (2017), Songs of the Migrant Workers of Kaohsiung Harbor (2018) and Hear Her Singing (2017) which form a site specific installation. Showcasing three vastly different human conditions in the face of global uncertainties, the three […]

mor charpentier’s Viewing Room @Frieze New York

From Charwei Tsai’s spiritual representations of Buddhist scriptures to Rosângela Rennó’s exploration of penitentiary mug shots, our upcoming booth at Frieze New York will examine the practice of self-portraiture and identity. Our online viewing room will feature the works of Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Carlos Motta, Oscar Muñoz, Liliana Porter, Rosângela Rennó, Charwei Tsai and Hajra Waheed. Register at in order to visit our online viewing room, VIP previews open on May 5th.

Charwei Tsai Group show @Tokyo University of the Arts

Charwei Tsai will be part of the group show Welcome, Stranger, to this Place opening on March 20th, 2021 at the University of the Arts in Tokyo. The exhibition focuses on the feeling of displacement and defamiliarization that has been generated by the current pandemic and how it has affected daily life.

Charwei Tsai en la Art Explora Residency en París

Charwei Tsai será parte de la Art Explora Residency en París en la primavera de 2021. La asociación está ubicada en Montmartre, a unos pasos de la iglesia del Sagrado Corazón en París. Desde 1971, La Cité Internationale des arts ha venido desarrollando programas de residencia con capacidad de 40 estudios. Durante su residencia, la […]

Charwei Tsai @Mu Hotels

The collection We Came Whirling Out of Nothingness, by the artist Tsai Charwei, is aimed for discovering the intriguing relation between human history and the forms of organisms. Similar swirls are repeatedly shown in all scales, from the tiny shell of a snail to the infinite galaxy. The mystery of whirling figures connects the space […]

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