Bouchra Khalili

Bouchra Khalili en la Hasselblad Foundation

Descubra los trabajos de Bouchra Khalili en Dear Truth, una exposición que explora la manera en que nueve artistas contemporáneos se acercan a las ideas de verdad, hechos y objetividad. En un mundo donde las verdades basadas en datos son usualmente reemplazadas por los llamados hechos alternativos, Dear Truth abre un espacio para la discusión […]

Bouchra Khalili’s Speeches series @CAM St. Louis

Discover the Speeches Series by Bouchra Khalili as part of the exhibition Stories of Resistance, currently on view at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, USA. Stories of Resistance explores artistic forms of resistance from across the world. Through visual narratives, artists amplify and bring to focus the multitude of conditions that ignite and inspire people to withstand.

Obras de Rosella Biscotti y de Bouchra Khalili en el MAXXI Museum, Roma

Descubra los trabajos de Rossella Biscotti y Bouchra Khalili en la exposición A Story for the Future: MAXXI’s first Decade en el MAXXI Museum en Roma. La exposición, que se organiza alrededor de cinco temas principales, es concebida como un análisis del desarrollo de la institución en respuesta a los grandes desafíos de nuestro tiempo. […]

Bouchra Khalili @Sonje Art Center, Seoul

Dust Clay Stone focuses on works that represent the complex issues of identity faced by individuals experiencing situations of migration, as well as the perceptions that are formed or lost in the course of such experiences. The four artists, Pia Arke, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Bouchra Khalili and Alexander Ugay, whose works appear in the exhibition […]

Bouchra Khalili’s screening @Wexner Art Center

In 1968, a group of French filmmakers including Jean-Luc Godard and Chris Marker crafted short, quickly made cinematic responses to the political and social upheaval that shook Paris in May of that year. Inspired in part by this project, called Cinétracts, the Wexner Center commissioned 20 short films by filmmakers from around the world.

Bouchra Khalili @Fondazione Merz

Without forcing, without finalism and with no superfluous elements that are not those of the thinking and creativity of contemporary art itself, PUSH THE LIMITS illustrates a process of striving to find a language that is aware and capable of shedding light on the present.

Digital museum Collecteurs acknowledges the engaged artistic practice of Bouchra Khalili, Teresa Margolles and Lawrence Abu Hamdan in the SUBSTANCE 100 list

Collecteurs—the world’s first digital museum of private collections— published SUBSTANCE 100, a new, annual list that outlines a diverse array of artists, activists, collectives, movements and organizations making a substantial change in the world. By engaging a community of activists from the art world and beyond, SUBSTANCE 100 raises the question, “what is the purpose […]

Bouchra Khalili & Rossella Biscotti @Dahka Art Summit

Convening a critical mass of artists, thinkers and participants, ‘Dhaka Art Summit 2020: Seismic Movements’ (DAS 2020) will provoke us to reconsider (art) histories, movement, borders and fault lines. From 7–15 February 2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh will be the epicentre of a radical upheaval of how we think about art

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