Carlos Motta @MAMBO

Carlos Motta’s retrospective exhibition Stigmata is now open at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá.

This show explores the artist’s concern to document the social conditions and political disputes of sexual, ethnic and gender minorities, challenging normative discourses through installations, drawings, videos, photographs, sculptures, performances and collaborative projects that comprise almost three decades of Motta’s artistic career.

He also presents his most recent work “Hilos de sangre: historias y memorias del vih/sida en Colombia”, a collaboration with historian Pablo Bedoya in which he explores the history of HIV/AIDS in Colombia, and Virosis, the first museum exhibition in the country that presents works of art made in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country

Stigmata is on view until June 11, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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