Enzo Mianes @Le Forum and @Magasins Generaux

Discover Enzo Mianès work in the exhibitions ?????? ?? ????????? at Le Forum Tokyo and at Magasins Généraux, as part of the Fondation Hermés Residency Program. ?????? ?? ????????? is a three-phase exhibition taking place in Korea, Japan and France, which explores processes linked with exceptional artisan skills.In these shows he exhibits a series of pieces created during his residency at the Atelier de Challes, which specialises in hand-woven horsehair textiles and braids.

Enzo Mianes happened upon a historic Jacquard loom. Following this find, the artist composed a soundtrack from randomly collected objects before literally “weaving this melody”.

?????? ?? ????????? is on display at Le Forum in Tokyo until April 3, 2022 and at les Magasins Generaux until March 13, 2022. Don’t miss them!

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