Daniel Otero Torres @Jameel Arts Centre

Discover Daniel Otero Torres’ installation Lluvia at the latest Jameel Arts Centre exhibition An Ocean In Every Drop, which explores the globally urgent theme of water, delving into the vast and ancient ways in which water shapes human development, produces history, culture, language and social relations.⁠

Lluvia is an ephemeral site-specific installation comes from the artist’s research on vernacular architecture in Colombia, particularly in the region of El Chocó. During his excursions along the Atrato River, he found some constructions from the Embera native community, using a very peculiar system to collect rainwater. Inspired by the architectural and aesthetic qualities of those stilt houses, the artist imagined this sculptural installation. As in the constructions that inspired it, all materials for the installation are meant to be sourced locally, recycled, reused and repurposed, having a previous existence. Once it’s built, ?????? functions as a self-sufficient hydraulic system, where the fall of water sets in motion some turbines that keep pumping water up in an endless cycle.

An Ocean In Every Drop, curated by Rahul Gudipudi and Nora Razian, is open until April 2, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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