Charwei Tsai @St. Paul Church, Munich

Discover Charwei Tsai‘s installation Feather Project at St. Paul’s Church in Munich, as part of the exhibition project “Searching…”, in the dialogue between art, church and science proposed by DG Kunstraum Diskurs Gegenwart.

The installation consists of a pile of inscribed quills resting on a large mirror centered on an octagonal seating platform. The texts on the quills are wishes and prayers written by the churchgoers. While the artist had written sentences from Sufi poetry in earlier works from the series, which can refer to a lover as well as symbolically to the relationship between God and man, here the participatory involvement of the visitor is strengthened: these are the ones who express their wishes and hopes on the feathers. The mirror’s reflection into the vertical indicates the connection between heaven and earth, traditionally essential in religious architecture, while the feathers serve as messengers to transcendence.

“Searching…” is curated by Dr. Ulrich Sch√§fert and Benita Meissner. It will be open until October 2nd, 2022. Don’t miss it!