Charwei Tsai @DRAC Occitanie

Discover Charwei Tsai’s exploration of the concept of pilgrimage through the works of her latest exhibition Walking on this Earth. The showcase presents a series of pieces created from her own reflection regarding the historical context of the construction of the Hôtel des Chevaliers de Saint-Jean-de-Jérusalem.

A few years ago, she made pilgrimages to Mongolia and Japan, where the Tantric tradition spread throughout Asia from the 5th century. What fascinated her in every place she visited was the mandala formations. She kept in touch with local artisans and developed a body of collaborative work around glass mandalas.

The showcase presents a large glass installation composed of ten bijas written in Sanskrit, a Kalachakra (wheel of time), a textile work made with natural materials from Mongolia, and a video of Tsai’s exploration of the theme of pilgrimage linked to a friend’s personal experience in Santiago de Compostela, among other pieces.

Walking on this Earth is created with partnership with the DRAC Occitanie, Toulouse. Commissioned by Made in Asia Festival, the exhibition will be open until April 22, 2022.

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