Nohemí Pérez @Bienal das Amazônias

Discover Nohemí Pérez’s work at the Bienal das Amazônias. Pérez is presenting some pieces of her Ruido del hombre series, which explore some of the artist’s interest in the fires that have taken place in the Catatumbo region. These big compositions show diverse illegal groups moving through forests and jungles in Latin America, the constant […]

New exhibition @mor charpentier Bogota

Nicolás Paris’ solo show at mor charpentier Bogotá Naturaleza Doméstica o un lugar para el autoaprendizaje is now on view! The in situ project challenges the idea of ​​a domestic environment, promoting a constant dialogue between different works that promotes the continuous learning of each of the visitors. Through relocation, the use of metaphors and […]

Lawrence Abu Hamdam @MUAC

Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s solo exhibition Crímenes transfronterizos at MUAC – UNAM is now open! The show opens up a space for political listening in which sound reveals itself to us and becomes a key witness for denunciation. Abu Hamdan’s intention is to catch a glimpse of the narrative hiding behind the official story and to give […]

Paz Errázuriz @La Maison de l’Amérique

Paz Errázuriz’s solo exhibition Histoires Inachevées at La Maison de l’Amérique is now open! The show curated by Béatrice Andrieux presents more than 120 photographs from the Chilean artist, which deal with the parallel and separate worlds from the common photographed subjects. Her intention is to encourage the public to look at the part of reality that society […]

Bianca Bondi @Cité des Arts de La Réunion

Discover Bianca Bondi’s latest installation Words Dissolve in Water at Cité des Arts de La Réunion The site-specific installation wants to echo the island environment through the showcase of two houses in a dark space. As per usual in her work, this proposal involves, through the use of chemical reactions, the activation of objects that […]

Paz Errázuriz’s first monograph publication in french

Discover Paz Errázuriz’s first monograph publication in French: Histoires Inachevées, part of her homonymous exhibition at Maison de l’Amérique Latine. The book has a general introduction by Béatrice Andrieux, curator of the show, and a text by curator Marie Perennès. With more than a hundred photographs, including Sepur Zarco, Boxeadores, Próceres and the iconic Manzana de Adán, […]

Guadalupe Maravilla @Bienal de São Paulo

Discover Guadalupe Maravilla’s works and activations in the 35th Bienal de São Paulo Choreographies of The Imposible. The Biennial creates a space of experimentation that embodies movements capable of transforming what is apparently non-existent into existent. The curatorial proposal explores the rhythms, tools, strategies, and technologies, as well as in all symbolic, economic and juridical […]

Alexander Apostol @Fundación Proa

We are pleased to announce Alexander Apóstol’s upcoming exhibition at Fundación Proa: Alexander Apóstol y la construcción de identidad The show, curated by Cuauhtemoc Medina, dives into Apóstol’s exploration of Venezuelan reality through photography and video. The works presented reflect upon Venezuela’s (and Latin American) modernist projects, analyzing the way in which the official political tales are […]

New Exhibition: Mirror Error @mor charpentier

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition: Théo Mercier’s second solo show at mor charpentier Paris Mirror Error. The show questions the role of the archetypal object and the place of the artist halfway between museum curator, laborator and cybernaut. Through a series of new mural works, deeply rooted in artistic references, Mercier challenges […]

Paz Errázuriz @Maison de l’Amérique Latine

We are pleased to announce Paz Errázuriz’s first solo exhibition at a Parisian Institution: Histoires Inachevées at Maison de l’Amérique Latine The show will present more than 120 photographs from 25 series of the Chilean artist, which deal with the parallel and separate worlds from the common photographed subjects. Her intention is to encourage the […]

New Exhibition: Naturaleza Doméstica @mor charpentier Bogota

We are pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition at mor charpentier Bogotá: Nicolás Paris’ solo show Naturaleza Doméstica. The exhibition will explore the ways we inhabit spaces with our body, establishing a choreographic relationship with objects and homely elements. The works presented study the inside/outside tension, proposing a domestic museography that unveils different layers of […]

Hajra Waheed @CAM St. Louis

We are thrilled to announce on September 8th, Hajra Waheed will be opening her first major museum solo exhibition in the US at CAM, St. Louis. Waheed’s multidisciplinary practice explores the legacies of colonial and state violence with a uniquely poetic approach and engagement with the world. Weaving between the intimate and infinite constellations of […]

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