Cevdet Erek

Cevdet Erek at MUAC

Cevdet Erek’s solo-show Una relación de larga distancia (A long Distance Relationship) will be on view at the Espacio de Experimentación Sonora (Space for sound experimentation) at MUAC from 21.10.2017 to 21.01.2018.  

Cevdet Erek’s Davul

You can now listen a sample or buy Cevdet Erek’s Davul, a record made to explore the sounds of the davul drum; the tracks are a “disciplined display of low end rumbles, scrapes and rimshots in uniquely expressive rhythms.”

Cevdet Erek and Liliana Porter at La Biennale di Venezia

We are proud to announce Cevdet Erek’s and Liliana Porter’s participations at the 57th Venice Biennale. Cevdet Erek will be representing Turkey while Liliana Porter’s work is included in Viva Arte Viva, the exhibition at the Arsenale curated by Christine Macel.

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