Carlos Motta @58th Carnegie International

We are pleased to announce that Carlos Motta will be participating in this year’s Carnegie International Is it morning for you yet?

Established in 1896, the Carnegie International is the longest-running North American exhibition of international art. Organized by Carnegie Museum of Art, the show presents an overview of how art and artists respond to the critical questions of our time.

The exhibition borrows its title from a Mayan Kaqchikel expression, where instead of saying “Good morning” it is customary to ask, “Is it morning for you yet?” Inspired by a conversation with artist Édgar Calel, Is it morning for you yet? acknowledges that human beings’ internal clocks and experiences are different: when it’s morning for some, it might still be night for others.

Carlos Motta will present his video Memory of a Protest, which documents and street protest organized by Chilean human rights organization Kamarikun- held on the streets of Santiago, Chile in November 2006 against the infamous US sponsored military training school the School of The Americas. This video highlights the importance of the school within US foreign policy, emphasizing its involvement in the training of torture techniques -fundamental human right violation.

The 58th Carnegie International, will open on September 24, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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