Bouchra Khalili @Sonje Art Center, Seoul

Dust Clay Stone focuses on works that represent the complex issues of identity faced by individuals experiencing situations of migration, as well as the perceptions that are formed or lost in the course of such experiences. The four artists, Pia Arke, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Bouchra Khalili and Alexander Ugay, whose works appear in the exhibition either experienced migration due to personal reasons or historical circumstance or are still living in a situation of it. While each of them has diverse cultural background through the experience of having been born in different regions of the globe and migrated to different continents or countries, the artists reveal their interests in the complex identity, the individual and collective memories, post-colonialism and allyship in their works. The works are also inter-connected in their methods of creating works such as their deep exploration of the structure of languages, the representation of images, approaches to the archival references, etc.

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