Bouchra Khalili @EMST

We are pleased to announce Bouchra Khalili‘s first solo exhibition in Greece, Lanternists and Typographers, at EMST as part of the program WHAT IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD? The exhibition features three major works that explore notions of agency and self-representation through deeply researched, multilayered storytelling strategies.

The mixed media installation The Magic Lantern Project (2019-2022) reactivates the art of phantasmagoria – using projected imagery and performance to summon historical “ghosts to speak in public” – taking inspiration from a lost feminist video pioneer’s work. The silent 16mm film The Typographer (2019) references Jean Genet’s background in typography by depicting a woman typesetting his poetic words about preserving revolutionary imagery. Meanwhile, The Radical Ally (2019) was produced following Khalili’s examination of Genet’s allyship with the Black Panther Party in her film “Twenty-Two Hours”. Collectively, the works weave personal and communal histories to propose emancipatory visions of community for marginalized groups rendered invisible by nation-state models.

Lanternists and Typographers is open from June 13 until November 10. Don’t miss it!

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