Bianca Bondi @Rupert

These are the last days to discover Bianca Bondi’s site-specific installation Lilith at Rupert, in Vilnius, Lithuania

Located in the building complex of the former sewing factory Lelija, the installation reflects on the rich history of the site, its ongoing regeneration and the multitude of interlaced realities that comprise it.

The work and accompanying events acknowledge the vitality of the space that allowed it to survive through decades of turbulent changes while harboring diverse economic systems. From the grandiose homogeneity of the Soviet era to the perturbed choreography of wild capitalism, until this day, this complex continues to serve as a habitat of diverse resilience. Emphasizing the connection between material, vitality and speculation, the installation adds another layer to augment the distinct fabric of the factory. Like a blooming industrial interface between different worlds, the space allows itself for cross-system explorations.

Lilith is open until this Sunday July the 2nd. Don’t miss it!

?: Laurynas Skiesgiela

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