Bianca Bondi @Museum Frieder Burda

Don’t miss Bianca Bondi’s site-specific installation Salt Kisses My Lichens Away at the last Museum Frieder Burda’s exhibition, “I Feel The Earth Whisper”.

Salt Kisses My Lichens Away blends mystical elements from the Black Forest with Baden’s history. The immersive environment within Richard Meier’s architecture creates a wild living space where indoor and outdoor elements merge. Tapestries and wallpaper coexist with moss, water, and plants, challenging viewers’ perceptions and evoking a spiritual atmosphere. Bondi’s dynamic installation involves chemical processes, emphasizing transformation and time passage themes. The work serves as a powerful reminder of our ecosystem’s fragility and the need for a symbiotic relationship with nature.

“I Feel The Earth Whisper” is open until November 3, 2024.

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