Bianca Bondi @Lille3000

Discover Bianca Bondi installation Not a place but a feeling at the latest Lille3000 exhibition: Novacene.

The exhibition takes its name from the English environmentalist James Lovelock’s book Novacene, where the author images a new era marked by climatic and environmental upheavals due to human activity. Novacene explores above all the path that we still have to travel towards a lees carbon-intensive and more egalitarian world between humans and “other than humans”. In Not a place but a feeling Bianca Bondi takes over the “Maison Biquini” in the Gare Saint Sauveur, where she transforms this iconic place into an abandoned scene that evokes an antique cabaret. Through different elements like unfinished cigarettes, half full glasses, chandeliers, and even pigeons skeletons, the artist constructs an atmosphere of permanent metamorphosis, which invites us to engage with the invisible worlds and ancestral knowledge that we humans have voluntarily forgotten.

Novacene is open until October 2, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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