Malo Chapuy

Malo Chapuy was born in 1995 in Laon, France. He lives and works in Paris.

The images that animated the places of worship and palaces of the late Middle Ages and the Western Renaissance have crossed the centuries to land in the works of Malo Chapuy. Before entering the School of Fine Arts in Paris, the young artist first studied the figures of the late Middle Ages. The forms taken from medieval manuscripts and religious art were gradually transformed under his hand, to follow an evolution similar to that experienced by Western artistic production at the time of the transition from the flamboyant Gothic to the early Renaissance. At first, his artistic production focused on the image-objects as they existed in the Middle Ages, leading him to assemble ancient techniques with forms very familiar to his contemporaries (motorcycle helmets, branded shoes…) to make anachronistic relics.

Particularly sensitive to this concept of anachronism and having recently made a return to painting, Malo Chapuy makes cohabit within the same pictorial space characters drawn from the renaissance repertoire with buildings inspired by modern and functionalist architecture. In this way, he seeks to highlight the discrepancy specific to the artistic field today, which is found, for example, in the integration of works formerly assimilated to religious worship into the smooth scenographies of museums.

Malo Chapuy graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, in 2022. The same year, he was awarded the Agnès B prize by the Friends of the Beaux-Arts, which aims to associate a future graduate of the school with a patron.