Alexander Apóstol, Voluspa Jarpa and Teresa Margolles award winners @Bienal de Cuenca

We want to congratulate our artists Alexander Apóstol, Voluspa Jarpa and Teresa Margolles for their achievements in the Bienal de Cuenca.

Alexander and Voluspa received the Premio Adquisición (Acquisition Prize), and Teresa Margolles received a special mention for her exhibition “El Poder”. These awards were chosen by the jury composed of Dan Cameron, Víctor Hugo Bravo, Cecilia Suárez, Virginia Roy and José Luis Corazón.

Apóstol’s work “Ser latino es estar lejos” is composed by 12 hopscotches that function as maps, as means of transportation used by people who have had to migrate; Jarpa’s research in her installation “Sindemia” is about collective memory through the use of intervened maps and video works. They have been granted a Prize of 20,000 USD each. Finally, Margolles’ “El Poder” is a series of structures with lettering that resemble ping pong tables. They are made out of confiscated cocaine and cement criticizing Ecuador’s theft of government services and narcotraffic. The work is now part of the MAM Cuenca Collection.


The 16th Bienal de Cuenca is on view until March 8, 2024. Don’t miss it!

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