Alexander Apóstol @CA2M

Discover Alexander Apóstol’s retrospective exhibition Postura y Geometría en la era de la Autocracia Tropical at the CA2MCentro de Arte Dos de Mayo.The show proposes a look upon the last two decades of the artist’s work regarding his analytic approach to the aesthetic processes of political construction of his natal Venezuela.

The impact of his work is predicated on its singular two-pronged contextualization. On one hand, a focus on the way in which Western modernism transplanted to Venezuela managed to take hold as an aspirational mechanism, both for the working class as well as the economic elites. The second crucial aspect is the concern with the way in which political powers have helped to construct a single model of national identity for the production of subjectivity in Venezuela. The development of the country in the seventies, in parallel to the industrial conversion with the rise of oil drilling that was to earn it the name of Saudi Venezuela, was cut short by the social crisis which has been ongoing since the late-eighties.

Alexander Apóstol’s Postura y Geometría en la era de la Autocracia Tropical is open at CA2MCentro de Arte Dos de Mayo until November 6, 2022. Don’t miss it!

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