Alexander Apóstol and Lawrence Abu Hamdan @MUAC UNAM

If you are in México City, don’t miss the chance to visit Alexander Apóstol solo exhibition Postura y geometría en la era de la autocracia tropical and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Crímenes transfronterizos at MUAC UNAM

The former is curated by Cuauthémoc Medina, exploring Alexander Apóstol’s research regarding Venezuela’s (and Latin American) modernist projects, analyzing how the official political tales are usually distanced from the quotidian reality of the people.

The latter opens a space for political listening in which sound reveals itself to us and becomes a key witness for denunciation through Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s intention to catch a glimpse of the narrative hiding behind the official story usually told.

Discover these projects until May 12 and March 17, respectively.

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