Alexander Apóstol and Lawrence Abu Hamdan @ICA

Discover Alexander Apóstol’s and Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s work at the ICA Institute for Contemporary Art latest exhibition So it appears. The exhibition shows how abstraction can be a visual strategy, a way of revealing the aesthetic or political challenges of what is difficult or impossible to present.

Alexander Apóstol is presenting Partidos políticos que han desaparecido en la Democracia, a series of prints that part from the artist’s research on the democratic period of Venezuela and the colors that marked the different political parties in the country.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan is presenting his ocular and the auditory exploration of the concept of the sonic image through a textured visual rendering of evolving graduated image maps the Israeli army’s sonic occupation of the Lebanese airspace: Air Conditioning.

So it appears is open at the ICA Institute for Contemporary Art until July 16, 2023. Don’t miss it!

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